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Helping you live a clean, organized, healthy life
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Hi, there! Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself in hopes of getting the opportunity to learn a little bit about you! I like order. I like everything to have a home and things to be nice and tidy. I run my home, my health, my entire life this way. I embrace it! It’s who I am. I have an eye for detail and actually enjoy cleaning. It’s true, I really do!

So, it was really no surprise to those that know me when I stepped away from real estate and started Casie’s Cleaning Services in 2006. 

Over the years, I have coached middle school cross country, started and facilitated a local run camp, owned and operated a health food store, took lots of fitness and nutrition courses, and read more self-help books, articles, and blogs than I can count.

I have also managed to help many friends pack, organize, plan parties, start small businesses, and share lots of low sugar wine. Because after all, keeping order in life is hard.

My journey of personal experiences and business ventures; the successes, the lessons (my word for failures because it sounds way more constructive), my supporters, even the naysayers - it all perfectly and uniquely-to-me lead up to this business model……

I want to offer services that will provide my clients less stressful, more productive lives. I want my clients to feel good, physically and mentally. My awesome team and I are equipped to help you live a clean, organized, healthy life! But, enough about me. How are you? Really. How are you? Stressed, overwhelmed, wearing too many hats, juggling too much stuff, pulled in too many directions?


If you answered yes to any of those, take comfort! You’re at the right place! Rather you need help keeping your home or business clean, getting it in order, improving your health, or all of the above, I'm here to help!

Contact me today for a clean, organized, healthy life!

- Casie

Owner | Casie's Cleaning Services, Casie's Organizing Solutions, Body By Casie

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